Our Mission

We are here to empower talent by upgrading the skills and knowledge needed for creating a sustainable and restorative future through expert-led, transformative learning experiences.

Our Value Proposition

Skills4Impact is a company of benefit and common interest (SBIC Company) offering the best-in-class academy that helps you and your organization to upgrade your skills and knowledge in sustainability and climate action. Setting us apart from traditional higher education and massive on-demand programs, our cohort-based courses and bootcamps provide a challenge-oriented, transformative learning experience led by industry experts and set within a collaborative community environment. We ensure a deeply impactful educational journey for all participants.

The purpose that moves us. Our why.

Evolving together to build a sustainable & restorative future

Our Key Principles

Hungry to learn

Continuously seek knowledge and feedback, embracing challenges and promoting a safe learning environment. Avoid knowledge hoarding and stagnation in comfort zones.

Collaborate with passion

Actively engage in teamwork, valuing diversity and fostering a supportive, enthusiastic work environment. Avoid isolation and competitiveness.

Authenticity drives integrity

Maintain honesty, uphold ethics, and build trust through consistency. Avoid dishonesty and unreliable promises.

Strive for simplicity

Embrace clear and straightforward solutions and communication, prioritising essential elements and a superb UX. Reject overcomplexity and confusing stuff. #KISS

Activists and non-conformists

Challenge norms with data-driven decisions and critical thinking, advocating for positive change. Avoid unquestioned conformity and resistance to new ideas.

Be humble and grateful

Appreciate other's contributions, remain grounded, and celebrate team success. Shun arrogance and failure to acknowledge other's efforts.

Who we are

The combined multidisciplinary and cross-industry experiences of our team provides an edge to innovate on sustainability & climate education

Antonio Morales


Pablo Sanchez


Javier Granda


Sofia Isasmendi


Our talented team has funded and lead sustainable and digital transformations at:

Together with R4S Group

Born in 2010, R4S is a positive impact agency of sustainable business transformation. R4S has imported the B Corp movement to Spain, becoming the country partner of B Lab® Europe, and has founded B Lab Spain. Our work across Spain, LATAM, and Africa, with vast experience with over 250 organizations, mirrors our global and deep system change and sustainability commitment, and clearly allows us to contribute to Skills4Impact's purpose and materialize our corporate vision as co-founder and strategic partner. R4S Group is thrilled to keep on evolving its value proposition with this new endeavour.

Raimon Puigjaner

Founding partner of R4S Group

R4S has supported impact-driven projects with organizations such as

Top 25 business school in the combined global FT ranking. Learn more 

In Partnership with EADA

At EADA we firmly believe that purpose-driven professionals and organizations generate impact and a multiplier effect on society, both in existing companies that will move towards more sustainable models, and in organizations that are already born with this purpose. Because business can be a driver of positive impact on society. Skills4Impact fully connects with our mission and it is our pleasure to become the academic partner since its inception.

Jordi Díaz

Dean y General Director at EADA

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If you're looking for transformation for yourself or your organization, let's set up a time to talk and see how Skills4Impact can help. As we look into the future, we're constantly developing our learning experiences and services to keep ahead of the curve. We'd love to talk.


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Evolving together to build a sustainable and restorative future.

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