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Skills4Impact academy combines the collective expertise of our sustainability experts, innovations in learning methods and education technology to deliver transformative results for participants and for our planet.

Discover what makes it unique

Holistic Journey

We've designed a learning journey that takes participants through different phases, each specifically designed to build skills, integrate knowledge and create results for individuals and organisations

Expert-led Content

We are proud to have a team of 25+ professionals who are widely acknowledged as industry leaders. They deliver high-quality analytical insights, case-studies and frameworks collected across their combined experience, successes and failures.

Community Environment

Collaboration with peers, experts and mentors is intentionally designed across our curriculum activities and facilitated through our modern learning platform with real-time interactions, discussion channels, social feeds and live events.

Interactive Learning

Our digital Learning Hub offers a rich interactive curriculum that integrates various multimedia elements, such as video, polls, frameworks, artifacts, whiteboards and interactive assignments. All aimed at enhancing understanding and knowledge retention for participants.

AI Tutor

Throughout our programs, our AI tutor provides instant personalized feedback and support to encourage progress and solve doubts regarding the curriculum or the program dynamics.

Learning Analytics

Continuous and real-time tracking of engagement, skills and competencies that provide instant feedback and tailored support for each individual journey.

Upcoming programs

Building Leardership for Sustainable Transformation


Oct 1, 2024

9 weeks

Learn practical strategies to inspire change, drive innovation, and foster a culture of sustainability within your organization. Acquire the skills to make a lasting change.

Designing a Sustainability Roadmap


Oct 3, 2024

5 weeks

Learn to articulate, step by step, a sustainability roadmap that acts as a catalyst for impact initiatives and sustainability integration in any organization.

Decarbonization & Climate Action



5 weeks

Explore practical strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and drive meaningful climate action. Unlock innovation while enhancing your impact.

Climate Technologies & AI Solutions



5 weeks

Explore the synergy between climate change and AI solutions to address pressing environmental challenges. Discover how technology can accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Impact-driven Business Models




Explore how alignment of business strategies and actions with societal needs and environmental sustainability goals can drive meaningful innovation, build resilience and adaptability in organizations.

Ideation for Sustainability Solutions




Collaborate with like-minded individuals and apply design thinking principles to devise practical solutions to sustainability challenges related to culture, governance and business models.

More Questions?

What type of accreditation do your programs have?

The program is certified by EADA Business School (Top 25 World Wide). Upon completion of the program, we will provide you with a certificate of completion issued using blockchain technlogy for its verification and trustworthines.

Are there financing options?

Our programs can be financed by Fundae and we also provide scholarships (up to 100%) to individual participants with outstanding or special profiles.

Are the programs available for participants outside of Spain?

Yes, our programs are mainly online although some of our hybrid programs have an in person full day workshop you won't like to miss. Explore the key program info to know if this is the case.

Can anyone participate in this program?

Although the program is mostly focused for companies, the program is opened to anyone who wants to join. If you're interested, leave us submit your infor through the application forma and we'll be in touch.

How is this course different from traditional universities, microcredential and self-paced learning programs?

Issues with the alternatives

Traditional high-ed programs

  • Tuition is expensive, therefore companies rarely support it.
  • Approach is academic and not practical.
  • Requires full-time dedication and are long, therefore not an option for many


  • Material is unstructured, therefore a less efficient to consume and learn.
  • The most knowledgeable people aren't creating content.

Skills4Impact provides a challenge-oriented, transformative learning experience. Led by industry experts and set within a collaborative community environment, we ensure a deeply impactful educational journey for all participants.

Can you offer any flexibility on price for large number of participants?

Certainly. Just contact us at teamcomercial@skills4impact.org and we'll be happy to give yo u a tailored offer.

Is it possible to organize a cohort with a private workshop for my organization?

Yes, it is possible. We would need to make a better assessment of your specific needs and amount of students. Please, email us at teamcomercial@skills4impact.org 

What are the general terms & conditions of the program?

You can find them here 

Let's talk

If you're looking for transformation for yourself or your organization, let's set up a time to talk and see how Skills4Impact can help. As we look into the future, we're constantly developing our learning experiences and services to keep ahead of the curve. We'd love to talk.


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